Healthcare expertise for HIS

Enovacom was founded in 2002 and has developed since then a strong healthcare expertise since it's been 100% dedicated to development software for healthcare. Our mission : enabling the exchange and sharing of patient data ... securely.
Enovacom invests more than 20% of its annual revenues in R&D to bring its customers the most advanced healthcare software solutions. Our engineers  have forged along the years a strong healthcare expertise that is key to provide what physicians and IT people need for they daily challenges.

Our solutions enable healthcare organizations to:

  • Make secure the access and exchange of data - Identity, habilitation and audit are becoming THE major issue
  • Share, transform and integrate data between all types of information systems - it's been the primary mission of Enovacom and we stick to it
  • Manage and execute business processes - that brings innovation into daily issues and helps improving the care continuum
  • Construct and design data repositories for integration and interoperability - for a better management of big data

Our team is not only composed of R&D - our healthcare expertise is spread in different areas such as

    • Sales and Product Marketing - in the field, in regular contacts with healthcare opinion leaders and focus groups
    • Project Managers and support - they help configurate, install and deploy the solutions. The support is composed of 10 people
    • Finance, HR, Legal - the healhcare environment requires specific documentation. Our team is here to make things right
    • International Business Development - Our team has a strong expertise in the channel management since we develop our solutions overseas with local partners


120 employees


established in 5 countries


8 solutions built on one unique platform


+ 1490 customers with high satisfaction ratings